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Earlist Usenet uses via Google Groups[edit]

  • fashion police: rec.humor - Jul 10 1990, 1:26 pm by John_Fereira
    I called her and said, "This is detective Fereira of the fashion police.
  • fashion cop: alt.rock-n-roll.metal - Apr 24 1991, 5:03 am by Tigger
    I couldn't get those reactions if I were a fashion cop.
  • Fashion Policeman: - Oct 9 1992, 11:36 am by Semele Halkedis
    Since you are the official Fashion Policeman, I feel compelled to ask you what you thought of Jessica's blazer yesterday.
  • fashion-policing: alt.wired - Jan 18 1994, 12:47 am by Shel Kaphan
    But with all the fashion-policing they do ("Tired vs. Wired"...gimme a break!) it's clearly at least 2/3 about appearance.
  • Fashion Cops: - Sep 2 1994, 6:34 am by Alan N Turner
    (subject) League Fashion Cops Warn Cowboys
  • fashion cops: - Dec 27 1994, 3:24 pm by MC Death
    Just wear (or don't wear) whatever you're comfortable with, and the hell with those who judge other fans by what she/he wears... :) (except don't wear NKOTB shirts in the pit--one may get his/her derriere smashed to thousand pieces by a.m.ninnie fashion cops...).
  • Fashion Police's: - Mar 23 1996, 7:55 pm by Barbara886
    I agree wholeheartedly with the Fashion Police's verdict on Rosanna.
  • fashion policemen: - Jun 7 1996, 7:23 pm by Eleni Antonakou
    Who's going to save us from the fashion policemen (ok ok, policepersons)? :-)
  • fashion policing: - Jan 5 1997, 10:44 am by a
    Sheesh ... makes our own fashion policing look rather tame, huh?
  • fashion police woman: - Aug 13 1998, 4:15 pm by RedPrints
    Jeannie Stein (or whatever her name is) is a crappy fashion police woman!
  • fashion police station: - Feb 6 2002, 5:07 am by porter
    BTW, I know a few guys down at the fashion police station.

Hippietrail 11:21, 12 Feb 2005 (UTC)