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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • forward-slash: net.micro.pc - Dec 10 1983, 10:21 am by ciara...
    As long as you make it anything but a slash, the path-name separator will automatically change from reverse-slash to forward-slash.
  • forward slash: net.micro.pc - Jun 12 1984, 4:09 am by Ed Nather
    Thus one can use forward slash characters in pathnames, and not have to remember which computer you are working on while thinking deeply about something else.
  • forward slashes: net.sources - Dec 16 1985, 5:32 am by michael regoli
    Use forward slashes in all path names - they get converted to back slashes before dos hears about them. If you are invoking a program that expects forward slashes (dos external commands frinstance) precede it with a back slash.
  • forward-slashes: - Jan 25 1992, 1:46 pm by Michael Kieras
    Unix2dos is a neat little program that makes the system recognize forward-slashes (/) as directory separators instead of back-slashes.
  • forward slash's (incorrect plural): microsoft.public.frontpage.client - Feb 18 1997, 4:45 pm by Richard Brackle
    So - your saying to me that you can enter forward slash's ('/') for: 'Name of Destination FrontPage Web'???

Hippietrail 10:37, 1 Jun 2005 (UTC)