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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • future-proof: - 15 Apr 1988 by Robert Dingler
    NeWS will supersede X in the long term due to its more abstract device with higher functionality and arbitrarily high spatial and color resolution, its "future-proof"
  • future proof: - 28 Jul 1988 by "Steve_Cobrin.SBDERX"
    I also want to (as much as possible) future proof my monitor purchase.
  • future-proofing: comp.parallel - 26 Jul 1989 by Operator
    The design of STRAND88 and the implementation techniques employed allow applications written in STRAND88 to migrate to the latest generation of hardware without re-programming effort giving the benefit of "future-proofing".
  • future-proofed: - 31 Dec 1991 by Matt SAETTLER
    The main advantage of RIFF is its extensibility; file formats based on RIFF can be future-proofed, as format changes can be ignored by existing applications.
  • future proofs: - 1 Dec 1995 by Graeme J. Devine
    Regarding 24bpp, that really future proofs 11th Hour.

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