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  • 2003: Mr Wonderful, Liberalism--Light On Crime in soc.culture.african.american [1]
    You can have some of that big ass and those big titties, unless you are too much of a gay bob to partake.
  • 2004: Songsmith, 2 Groove Agent Questions... in alt.steinberg.cubase [2]'s a gay bob dylan tune... hahaha
  • 2006: Eric Wilder, Murder Etouffee [3]
    "Maybe I don't like having a gay bob for a brother." Beaux must have expected Bertram's retort, though he apparently had no immediate reply for it.

Just as an aside, I think that would be gay Bob Dylan; not gay bob dylan. sewnmouthsecret 18:54, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

Heh, good point; didn't parse that way for me at all :-) Ok, so scratch one supporting quote. Oh, and it looks like the doll is older than I thought, so maybe it is the source after all. There's a few supporting uses in various blog pages...
  • 2006: chiennefolle, oh, lance. on geezz.
    Sweet-pea, was that really necessary? We just all assumed you were a gay bob. All those years of secret for naught. Time for a montage, my dear homosexual....
  • 2006: cheetagirl123, mah frends on [4] [.myspac] [ I love myself!!!!! and I hate you!!!]
    nathan is a gay bob really he is!!!!
...but nothing durably archived. On reflection, it's doubtful that anyone would use this in a context where it wouldn't be understood (by virtue of having "gay" prefixed) so I'm ambivalent about the whole entry. On the other hand, there might perhaps be a reason to add Gay Bob in reference to the homosexual doll, as that seems to get a lot of use. --Jeffqyzt 20:07, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

Cited with a couple of uppercase examples which are clearly generic. Not sure if the definition is overly neutral. The adjective form also gives me some doubt. DAVilla 19:34, 30 April 2007 (UTC)

Rfvpassed. There doesn't seem to be a distinction between gay and gay bob, but many words have synonyms. Andrew massyn 16:02, 5 May 2007 (UTC)