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IPA: /ˈʤɛf.kaɪt/

Proper noun


  1. A male human of middling age, with interests or training in angling, biology, computers, dictionaries, English literature, and various and sundry other things.
  2. A long, pointless ramble that is tangential to the purposes at hand.
  3. An alias for the gnome Kin, last seen in a black cloak in the land of Chomestoru. Contact Turniptown sherrif for reward.
  4. A giggling paladin, formerly known to inhabit the region of alt.1d. A known eater of chocolate and cheese.
  5. An avatar in Tunnels of Doom, on a long-ago and dusty TI BBS.

Usage Notes

  • Jeffqyzt currently has limited wiki-availability as he gets to know his new child; please use the wiki email feature if timely contact is required.

Related terms

  • 3T

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