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middling (not comparable)

  1. Of intermediate or average size, position, or quality; mediocre
    The football team is never the worst or best in its league; its position is always middling.
    • 12 July 2012, Sam Adams, AV Club Ice Age: Continental Drift
      The matter of whether the world needs a fourth Ice Age movie pales beside the question of why there were three before it, but Continental Drift feels less like an extension of a theatrical franchise than an episode of a middling TV cartoon, lolling around on territory that’s already been settled.
  2. In fairly good health.
    • 1913, D.H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers, chapter 8
      "And how's that chest of yours?" demanded Mrs. Morel.
      He smiled again, with his blue eyes rather sunny.
      "Oh, it's very middlin'," he said.


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