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  • [2003-08-17T05:44:01Z] J.J. (added page)
  • [2003-08-17T05:44:13Z] J.J.
  • [2003-08-17T05:44:23Z] J.J.
  • [2003-08-17T05:44:32Z] J.J.
  • [2003-08-17T12:04:11Z] Angela (VfD notice)
  • [2003-08-21T00:02:51Z] KF (This is absolutely ridiculous.)
  • [2003-08-21T00:46:42Z] Angela (Moving talk to talk page)
  • [2003-08-23T06:33:43Z] Angela (simple:)
  • [2003-09-01T13:05:46Z] MyRedDice (Wikt)
  • [2004-03-07T15:35:00Z] Joy (linked ai)
  • [2004-05-15T21:08:46Z] Maximus Rex (+fr)
  • [2004-09-05T19:54:45Z] Krupo (It's been a year since the Wiktionary debate; link removed, more details added to flesh this out.)

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