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It's said that in "Amiat. Ierem. 7, 2 (verbum istum)", which could be Codex Amiatinus, and in "Corp. inscr. Lat. 5, 1703", a book containing inscriptions, the neuter accusative singular istum (instead of istud) appears.
CORPVS INSCRIPTIONVM LATINARUM volume 5 part 1, 1872 ([layout]=buch_item&search[constraints][buch][alias]=CILv5pI1872&search[match]=exact), p. 159, § 1703 reads: "hic iaceT resTvTvs peleger in pace fidelis ex africa veniT vT isTam vrbe videret * hec invisa Tellvs isTvm volvit corpvs habe [linebreak] re * [...]" (text in small caps). I guess this attest the form which then can be mentioned. - 05:25, 2 April 2017 (UTC)