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When looking for the etymology, I came across three differing origins, and have put them all here for interest. Andrew massyn 13:09, 24 June 2006 (UTC)

  1. In 1897 the need was met as Charles Bennett, wizard of the sporting-goods manufacturer Sharp and Smith in Chicago designed the first jock strap. The original name was the Bike Jockey Strap, its insignia was a large bicycle wheel, and it was intended first for bicycle riders (who, at that time were called jockeys) and second for horseback riders. The athletic supporter became known as a "bike jockey strap" or "jock strap". Eventually it became simply a "jock".History of the jockstrap
  2. 1952, short for jockstrap "supporter of the male genital organs, used in sports" (1897), from jock slang for "penis" c.1650-c.1850, probably from Jock, the nickname for John, which was used generically for "common man" from 1508. Meaning "an athletic man" is from 1963, Amer.Eng. slang.Etymology Online
  3. noun a support or protection for the male genitals, worn especially by sportsmen. — ORIGIN from slang jock genitals.Jockstrap