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The description of the Swedish word for female genitalia as "vulgar" is too strong. While the concept it describes is taboo, it is considered a very mild expression compared to much stronger words like fitta or mutta. For example, earlier this year a tampon manufacturer ran a tounge-in-cheek ad campaign that depicted a cartoon mouse sleeping on or hugging a tampon with the caption: Gör det bekvämt för din mus. (roughly "Make your mouse comfortable.") Here's a link to a photo of one of the outdoor billboards.

Granted that some people and the occasional columnists were upset by the campaign and even claimed that it was sexist and misogynist (quite inexplicably to me even though I'm a feminist myself), but in general it got much positive attention in the press and was as far as I know very popular and successful and it was not subject to any removals by officials responding to public outrage. There have been other (political) ad campaigns in recent years that have used more explicit terms for genitalia ("kuk", "pitt", "balle") in billboard texts, but they were considered so offensive that they were either removed altogether or simply censored.

Peter Isotalo 11:50, 9 September 2006 (UTC)