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Dubious citations[edit]

I've removed these from the main page because I don't regard them as legitimate examples of usage. The first was written in 1908 in faux-archaic language, and the second is an example of mention, not usage. Kappa 17:49, 20 February 2007 (UTC)

  1. Characteristic of, or pertaining to, a girl or girls; cf.: puerile.
    • 1908: Arnold Haultain, The Mystery of Golf. A briefe Account of the Game: its Origine; Antiquitie; & Rampancie; its Uniqueness; its Curiousness; & its Difficultie; its anatomical, philosophicall & moral Properties; together with diverse Concepts on other Matters to it appertaining, p13 (marginal note at red asterisk (asterisk added by quoter))
      Whether there are any such things as feminine games* proper is doubtful. When girls play games they play with their brothers, or they play their brothers’ games. And even when they play among themselves, their games prove the evolutionary law, and show themselves to be refinements on primæval feminine occupations: they play at “doll’s-house”, at “school”, at “mistress and maid”; they pay visits to one another, they dress up in their elders’ clothes, they make mud-pies, they erect diminutive domiciles, they nurse unheeding dolls. Of these the derivation is obvious.
      *Of passtimes puellile.
    • 2004: Saif Rahman, Archipelago, p28
      “If we can put down boys by calling their behaviour puerile”, speculated Maria, “tell me why in all fairness why the reprehensible behaviour of ladettes and girlies shouldn’t be described as puellile?”
      “And egregiously meretricious behaviour should be called slagadoccio”, Claire smiled.
      “Slag-a-doccio!” repeated Mary.