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[My first signed contribution] I think the definition in Noun 1 should read 'undo' and not 'undue', ie it should agree with the definition in Verb 1. --Accomble 05:09, 25 September 2009 (UTC)

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Rfv-sense - verb. Nothing obvious in Google books for "reparationing" or "reparationed" that isn't a spelling mistake or OCR error. SemperBlotto 15:50, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

I see two real hits for reparationing and one for reparationed, but I'm not sure what they all mean. The -ed one clearly means "to force to pay reparations":
  • 2001, J.N. Stroyar, The Children’s War (novel), Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 191,
    “Money,” Wolf-Dietrich stated categorically. “Look what happened to us in the First World War. Shit, if they had won, we’d have been reparationed back into serfdom. []
and the -ing ones both take regions as their objects, so might mean the same thing, but I don't have enough context to be sure.
RuakhTALK 19:27, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

RFV failed, verb section removed. —RuakhTALK 03:37, 4 December 2009 (UTC)