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Wiktionary:Requests for verification - kept[edit]

Kept. See archived discussion of February 2008. 07:02, 9 February 2008 (UTC)

Latin - other forms[edit]

  • According to dictionaries and partly according to grammars (Allen & Greenough gives plēbēs as example) reī can become monosyllabic re͡i.
    ( L&S only mentions this for gen.: "rei, gen., monosyl. at the end of the verse, Lucr. 3, 918; and in the middle of the verse, id. 4, 885, and Poët. ap. Lact. 6, 6". Dative re͡i is elsewhere said to occur in Plautus and Terentius. )
  • There could be gen. and dat. sg. rēi.
    A&G: "The ē of the stem is shortend in the genitive and dative singular of fidēs, spēs, rēs, but in these it is found long in early Latin".
    L&S: "rēi with e long; gen., Lucr. 2, 112; 548; 6, 918; dat., id. 1, 688; 2, 236".
  • Archaic gen. and dat. could be attestable (with Elog. clar. vir. 29 in Corp. inscr. Lat. 1. p. 288 for gen., and Lucil. 52 and 969 for dat.)

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