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illiteral word usage, new word/synonym suggestion[edit]

see my user page for background information on this suggestion

basically, you cannot litterally "rewind" a DVD or other digital media source, you can only access data that was displayed previously. I suggest someone find a suitable synonym or new word that suits this need, as digital video and audio is quickly replacing the "wound" sources respectably.

also please contact me through e-mail or through my talk page to udpate me if this suggestion progresses

It is just wrong to suggest that using rewind to mean going back to an earlier point on a DVD as incorrect. This is how language evolves. I'm sure you dial a telephone number on your mobile phone despite there not being a dial on the front with which to dial, but rather buttons. Words gain new meanings over time, e.g. gay. 21:25, 4 March 2009 (UTC)