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Usage rates: smooth vs smoothen[edit]

I wanted to check the usage rates but smoothen is only a verb while smooth is a verb, a noun and an adjective. So I did a google search on "to smooth" and "to smoothen" as well (which should be just, or mainly, verbs). Results are below.

  • smoothen 355,000 raw googles
  • smooth 191,000,000 raw googles
  • to smoothen 191,000 raw googles
  • to smooth 3,310,000 raw googles

While I'm surprised how common smoothen is (I thought it was a translation error the one time I saw it) I believe this supports my contention that smooth as a verb is more common than smoothen, which I ahve entered as a usage note. RJFJR 15:52, 3 February 2008 (UTC)