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For reasons too lengthy to get into at the moment I am greatly dissatisfied with nearly all extant definitions of "switchback". Having explored and analyzed this I have come up with some ideas (see SBTP: Definition of 'switchback'), and I would like to explore the suitability of offering a better definition. I am aware that many dictionaries prefer to stick to a passive description of how language is used, but this term has been so muddled that I think it just cries for a helpful definition.

While the proper location for such a discussion might be here, in that I do not have a Wiktionary account (and have only limited interest in have such), I wonder if the Wikipedia Hairpin turn Talk page might also be suitable. Or contact me on my Wikipedia page. J. Johnson 22:21, 7 June 2009 (UTC)

I have proceeded to revise the definition of this term, for the reasons mentioned above, and included the external link for the benefit of anyone interested in the rationale of this definition. There are no other citations for the simple fact that, as far as I have determined, there are no other discussions or analysis of the true nature of "switchbacks", either on the Internet or off. (Other than the many futile attempts to distinguish "switchbacks" from "climbing turns".) If anyone has any qualms about removing the "hairpin turn" criterion, please check the link. If any point there is unclear or less than convincing I would welcome hearing about it. - J. Johnson 22:07, 24 January 2010 (UTC)