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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • wordsmiths': net.religion - 26 Feb 1983 by 5941ux
    Concerning the wordsmiths' "action item" to come up with an alternative to Old/New Testaments... How about Jewish Scriptures and Christian Testament?
  • Wordsmith: net.religion - 22 Mar 1983 by tekecs
    Randal L. ("Wordsmith") Schwartz
  • wordsmith: net.poems - 6 Feb 1984 by James A. Woods
    There was a seminal article on Gorey in Esquire a few years back by Alexander Theroux, wordsmith in his own right and narrator for Stan Washburn's Gorey-like etchings (St. George's Dragon, The Schinocephalic Waif, etc.).
  • wordsmiths: net.jokes - 22 Sep 1984 by Joe Presley
    (subject line): buggy wordsmiths
  • wordsmithing: net.politics - 1 Dec 1984 by emks
    I said that blatent use of terms like "nuclear exchange" or "use of nuclear weapons" to mean "total annihilation" is wordsmithing, order n.
  • Wordsmith's: - 5 May 1991 by Journals Production Department
    She says it is a bounce off Master Thomas the Wordsmith's _Vulcan in Valhalla_, which I have not heard.
  • Wordsmithy: rec.woodworking - 13 Jul 1992 by Bob Upson
    (subject line): Wordsmithy
  • wordsmithies: alt.society.generation-x - 27 Apr 1994 by Ian Williams
    They said they'd liked the piece I had in the Washington Post Magazine (to be available next week in the new book "Next: Young American Writers on the New Generation" - do some young wordsmithies a favor and purchase it; I think y'all will get off on the subject matter) and that they wanted me to come on Oprah with the same sort of "raw anger."
  • wordsmith's: rec.arts.books - 29 May 1994 by SubGenius
    That is, a novelist is typically not a stenographer, recording the events and conversations and, by grace of the wordsmith's point-of-view, thoughts of a day or what have you, but rather a dramatist who choreographs these events, conversations, u.s.w. to create a specific effect.
  • wordsmithys: - 25 May 2000 by Charlie Wolf
    Now, being the excellent wordsmithys that you and I obviously are, you surely recognize that the DNC

Hippietrail 12:00, 4 Apr 2005 (UTC)