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Module:languages:389: The function getByCode expects a string as its first argument, but received nil.

This module allows for easier and more consistent formatting of quotations. It uses Module:Quotations as a back-end.


The language of the quotation.
The name of the author
The title of the work
4=, 5=, 6=, 7=, 8=
The reference of the text within the work, with chapters, verses, subverses, etc. each added in a separate parameter, using as many (or as few) as are needed
Used to specify a range, so if the passage is 1:120–122, use (3=1|4=120|thru=122)
The actual text
The year or range of years of the work
An English translation of the text
The year of the translation
The author of the translation
Parentheses enclosed information after the reference.
Determines the amount of information presented. The default is "full", which displays all information. "inline" skips the year, quote, and translation, "work" further trims the author, and "ref" further eliminates the work, leaving only the chapter and verse(s).

With the exception of the first parameter, all parameters are optional; the template/module is designed to work around whatever information is given.


The module accesses language-specific libraries of information on works and authors, and if the information is coded, will add formatting to the quote, such as linking the author and/or work, as well as linking to the relevant text. If no information can be found on the information given, it will simply display it with basic text formatting. Thus the following code results in the following displays:

{{Q|grc|Homer|Iliad|1|23}} ----> Homer, Iliad 1.23

{{Q|grc|Author|Work|Chapter 1|Verse 2}} ----> Author, Work Chapter 1.Verse 2