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G. Toner, M. Ní Mhaonaigh, S. Arbuthnot, D. Wodtko, M.-L. Theuerkauf, editors (2019), “R:DIL”, in eDIL: Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language

This template is used to provide a link to the online version of the Dictionary of the Irish Language. It takes an obligatory positional parameter and an optional named parameter.

The positional parameter is the number of the entry at eDIL, found at the end of the URL for that entry. For example, the entry for léicid is at http://edil.qub.ac.uk/29766, so the usage of the template should be:

* {{R:DIL|29766}}

If the lemma in DIL differs from that in Wiktionary (i.e., because it is a derived term under another head word, or is a variant or Middle or Modern Irish spelling where the lemma in DIL is a standardised Old Irish form), then the name of the lemma at DIL can be specified as the named parameter head=. For example, the entry for the Modern Irish word lig might contain the following:

* {{R:DIL|29766|head=léicid}}

Occasionally, an entry in DIL does not have an entry number. In this case, enter 0 as the positional parameter and give the DIL lemma as the head= parameter. (In this case, head= is obligatory, not optional.) A lemma with a leading numeral (for separate etymologies) can be added with the HTML entity for a blank space  separating it from the word, or else just presented in normal text, and trust in urlencode:

* {{R:DIL|0|head=torad}}
* {{R:DIL|0|head=1 son}}
* {{R:DIL|0|head=1 son}}