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U:gl:false friend is a false friend, and does not mean the same as the English word U:gl:false friend. Galician equivalents are shown above, in the "Translations" section of the English entry U:gl:false friend.

Optional parameters[edit]

  • (unnamed 1) — correct Galician translation of the false friend.
  • en — false friend (English). (only needed if different from Galician word.)
  • gloss — explanation of the sense of the false friend.
  • gl2 — second correct Galician translation.
  • nocap — prevents capatalization of the first letter.


  • actual — usage with no parameters.
  • constipado — usage with (unnamed 1), en
  • tuna — usage with (unnamed 1) and gloss.
  • soportar — usage with (unnamed 1), en and gloss.