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  • 1= to indicate verb form, in Roman numerals; can specify e.g. 'I-sound' to force conjugation as a sound verb for verbs which have a weak vowel and would normally be interpreted as a weak verb, e.g. وَجُهَ ‎(wajuha) impf. يَوْجُهُ ‎(yawjuhu) (instead of expected impf. يَجُهُ ‎(yajuhu)); note that for verbs like عَوِرَ ‎(ʿawira) impf. يَعْوَرُ ‎(yaʿwaru) (instead of expected عَارَ ‎(ʿāra) impf. يَعَارُ ‎(yaʿāru)) the fact that the verb is conjugated as sound will be automatically inferred if the radicals are omitted and inferred from the headword
  • Parameters specifying radicals and vowels; radicals normally unnecessary and inferred from page title, but should be given when uninferrable, e.g. II= in hollow verbs, III= in non-form-I final-weak verbs, I= in form-VIII assimilated verbs
    • For form I:
      • 2 = past vowel(s)
      • 3 = non-past vowel(s)
      • 4 or I = first radical
      • 5 or II = second radical
      • 6 or III = third radical
    • For other triliteral forms:
      • 2 or I = first radical
      • 3 or II = second radical
      • 4 or III = third radical
    • For quadriliteral forms:
      • 2 or I = first radical
      • 3 or II = second radical
      • 4 or III = third radical
      • 5 or IV = fourth radical
  • Parameters to explicitly specify verb parts; ignored for non-form-I unless useparam= is set; normally unnecessary for form-I if past/non-past vowels given
    • head= to indicate vowels for the headword
    • tr= to indicate Latin-alphabet transliteration; if omitted, automatically computed from head=
    • impf= or impfhead= to indicate 3rd-person singular masculine imperfective form
    • impftr= to indicate the transliteration of the above; if omitted, automatically computed from impf= or impfhead=
  • Other parameters
    • passive=only or passive=only-impers: This verb exists only in the passive; the returned form will be passive