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  • Edit a page, then embed {{artfl}} somewhere on the page, then preview, then remove the {{artfl}} before saving. Add more references to template:artfl if you feel like it. Periodically check Special:Whatlinkshere to make sure no references to this were accidentally retained in the main namespace.

Remember to remove the {{artfl}} link when done opening links in new windows/tabs.

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cf.=confer, colloq.=colloquial, fr.=from, obs.=obsolete, perh.=perhaps, prob.=probably, a.=adjective, adv.=adverb, impf.=imperfect, n.=noun, orig.=originally, pass.=passive, p.p.=past participle, p.pr.=present participle, pref.=prefix, prep.=preposition, pres.=present, subj.=subjunctive, vb.n.=verbal noun, v.i.=intransitive verb, v.t.=transitive verb