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Creating an entry for an American Sign Language sign[edit]

You have selected an American Sign Language (ASL) preload template to help you create a new entry. This text below is what you will modify to create this Wiktionary entry.

If you are new to creating sign language entries in Wiktionary, see Wiktionary:About sign languages. Otherwise, just fill in each ... below.

  1. Explain how the sign is produced under the ===Production=== heading. The template {{ase-prod posture | DominantHandshape... | Location... | Facing... | NondominantHandshape... | Location... | Facing... }} may help provide consistent description, but feel free to replace it with your own sentences if desired.
  2. If you have an image of how the sign is produced, upload it to the Commons.
  3. The English translations of the sign goes in the # [[translation...]]; another translation... line. If you chose the wrong language or wrong part of speech, you can start over here to pick a new starting template.
    Note: remember to leave the "#" at the start of the definition line and to leave brackets around the key English words of the translation. Please enter your English translation as a simple word or phrase, starting with a lower case letter.
  4. If enabled, please [Check spelling], then [Preview entry] then [Save entry]. You can preview as many times as you like, before saving.
    If you don't have a check spelling button, you can turn it, and many other features, on here.