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Place this template on pages for Bashkir nouns, under the header 'Declension'. This template is only for nouns ending in a consonant when they are in the absolute. It takes two arguments, which are just the final two letters (one in each parameter). For nouns that exist only in the singular, use {{ba-noun-c-sing}}.

Nouns borrowed from/via Russian[edit]

This template works for all Bashkir nouns ending in a consonant, except those that were borrowed from/via Russian and have a Bashkir spelling that is identical to their Russian spelling (or, more technically, have kept their Russian phonology in Bashkir rather than adapted to Bashkir phonology). See examples at Тибет, адрес, светофор.

For such cases, no formal description yet exists of how to use this template. The rule of thumb is that all such nouns (i.e. non-adapted nouns from Russian) are declined in Bashkir as if they have a non-labial back dominant vowel (ы); the last consonant is respected in the way it is actually pronounced rather than spelled. Thus, Киев is declined as if it were spelled Кийыф (Kiyïf), which reflects the actual pronunciation.

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