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This template shows the etymology of a blend word. For example, spam contains the following:


Blend of spiced and ham.


It allows up to four positional parameters for ancestor words.

For foreign ancestor words whose display is to be different from their linked version, use positional parameters as the links and alt1, alt2, etc. as the display forms. For ancestor words that require transliteration, use tr1, tr2, etc. For ancestor words that require English gloss, use t1, t2, etc. For ancestor words that are in a different script from Latin, use sc (these are all in the same language, so you should be able to use the same script for all of them).

For foreign words, use lang=language code to categorize correctly: it categorizes the entry into [[category:Language blends]]. Setting the Boolean nocat parameter causes the template to not categorize the word. Not using lang (nor nocat) causes categorization into "English blends".

Setting the Boolean nocap parameter displays blend instead of Blend.

For example, the entry תשחץ might have in its etymology

{{blend|תַּשְׁבֵּץ|tr1=tashbéts|t1=crossword puzzle|חֵץ|t2=arrow|tr2=chets|sc=Hebr|lang=he}}


Blend of תַּשְׁבֵּץ (tashbéts, crossword puzzle) and חֵץ (chets, arrow)


By default, the template text begins with a capital "B"; to use a lowercase "b" instead, add nocap=1 to the template's parameters: {{blend|spiced|ham|nocap=1}}.

Note that each reader or editor can customize how this template displays by modifying his or her style sheet (e.g. Special:Mypage/monobook.css). See Template talk:term#Customization for details.

Template name and category

"Blend" is the correct linguistic term for a word made by merging two words. The word "portmanteau" refers to a blend in which the meanings of the words are merged as as well as the words themselves, and so is more restrictive than "blend".

This template is used for all blends, so it should not be renamed "Template:Portmanteau".

The category is "Category:English blends", or a similar category for whatever language is specified by the lang parameter.

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