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Calque of undetermined [Term?]

This template indicates that a term originated as a loan translation of a term in another language. It uses Module:etymology/templates.


{{calque|fr|etyl lang=en|etyl term=light year}}

evaluates to

Calque of English light year


The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language the calque appears in, which should be the language of the section that the template is placed in.
[Deprecated] 2=, 3=, 4=, 5=, 6=
The parts of the words to show. These parameters are deprecated, it is recommended to use the appropriate morphology template ({{compound}}, {{affix}} etc.) which gives finer control and more options.
etyl lang=
The language code of the source language.
etyl term=
The source term; the word the calque is based on.
etyl tr=
(optional) Transliteration of the source term.
etyl t=
(optional) Gloss/translation for the source term.
(optional) The sort key to use for categories.
Show the initial text with a lowercase initial letter.
Omit the initial text altogether. The first thing displayed will be the source language name (as in {{etyl}}).

The following parameters are available for each matching part in the numbered/positional parameters. The N must be replaced by the corresponding part index. For example, for the second part (positional parameter 3), use 2 for N. Most of these parameters correspond directly to the equivalent parameters in the standard {{l}} (and {{m}}) template.

The alternative display form. Equivalent to the second parameter of {{l}}.
A gloss to show after the part. Equivalent to the third parameter of {{l}}.
The transliteration, as in {{l}}.
The part of speech label to show after the part, as in {{l}}.

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