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Character &#x{{{hex}}};
Unicode block [[Appendix:Unicode/{{{block}}}|{{{block}}}]]
Codepoint {{{codepoint}}}


Use this to display character information (such as Unicode information or an image of the character) that is separate from language concerns. Place it above all language sections. See script specific versions that are easier to use at Category:Character info templates


Because the information provided in this template is language-independent, it should always be placed above the first L2 header. It should be placed after {{also}} invocations, as the reverse can cause some browser display problems (some IE browsers will push down the languages section to below the bottom of this template, creating an ugly gap between the {{also}} and content).

Subsidiary templates

This template should not be used directly, except perhaps in extraordinary circumstances. Instead, please use (or create) a specialized template for the specific code block. This helps to ensure consistent styling and layout across similar characters.

All character info templates require the arguments hex and name, and support the optional arguments sc, image, caption, previous, and next. The last two are strongly encouraged where appropriate, so a typical minimalistic use of a character info template looks like this:

{{<Block> character info

sc should be used only when the appropriate script template differs from the default script template for the block. An image should always be provided when available; the recommended image size is 100px. caption should be used only if the image requires special explanation.

Some character info templates will support additional arguments. Anonymous/numbered arguments will be interpreted as the components of a precomposed character.

Templates for code blocks sharing a script or other general characteristics are arranged in a hierarchy, as follows: