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comparative degree of term


Use this template to show the simple definition for an entry that is the comparative inflection of a primary entry.

Use in the definition line:

# {{comparative of|(word)|lang=(language)}}

E.g., on "groter":

{{head|nl|comparative adjectives}}
# {{comparative of|groot|lang=nl}}


comparative of
  1. comparative degree of groot

Note that users can customize how the output of this template displays by modifying their monobook.css files. See “Form of” templates for details.



By default, this template adds articles to Category:(language) comparative adjectives. If the word belongs to a different part of speech, that needs to be specified using the POS parameter (default value: adjective).

For example:

At vaker#Adverb, we have:
{{comparative of|vaak|POS=adverb|lang=nl}}
which places the article vaker in Category:Dutch comparative adverbs.


By default, the text of this template starts with a capital 'C' and ends with a period. To start instead with a lowercase 'c', set the boolean nocap parameter to a non-empty value; and to omit the final period, set the boolean nodot parameter to a non-empty value.