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A template for displaying conjugation forms of Czech verbs of the pattern tisknout.


Parameter Meaning Note
1 stem of the verb (without the ending -nout)
aspect generates the note about future tense, which depends on the aspect of the verb Possible values:
  • "imperfective" (or alternatively "imperfect", "impf", "imp" or "i") – this is the default value, so it is not necessary to fill
  • "perfective" (or alternatively "perfect", "pf" or "p")
  • "pf-impf" (or alternatively "p-i" or "pi") – for verbs which can have both aspects
past2 If the value is set to "no", it prevents the alternative version of the past participle with the -nul ending to be shown
pass It can prevent passive to be shown or show alternative passive The value "no" causes that no passives are filled
It can also be used to fill the masculine singular passive if it has a different ending than -ut. For example the passive of táhnout is tažen (not *táhnut)
pass2 Alternative passive E. g. tisknout has two passive forms: tisknut and tištěn
pass ns passive neutral singular The value "yes" enables to show passive neutral singular form of the verb in cases when the verb does not form other passive voice forms, which are disabled by the parameter "pass".


For the verb kleknout


For the verb tisknout


For the verb couvnout
{{cs-conj-tisk-nout|couv|aspect=p|pass=no|pass ns=yes}}