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el-det m

This template is used to display the headword line for the lemma forms of Greek determiners.

Other templates:
{{el-det-form}} for the inflected forms of determiner


This template has 5 optional named arguments or parameters:

  1. One unnamed variable is used for indeclinable determiners, it can only be made equal to "ind" (the legacy value "inv" should not be used although it still works). In this case further arguments are ignored.
  2. f for the feminine, nominative singular form.
  3. f2 for a second feminine form, should one exist.
  4. n for the neuter, nominative singular form.
  5. head probably not necessary. Used to control the displayed headword (for when it is desirable to linkify component words).
  6. desc for the description if any of the determiner type.