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fy-noun ?

This is the template to use with West Frisian nouns. Use it directly under the "part of speech" header:

==West Frisian==


# [[tree]]

This template automatically adds pages to Category:West Frisian nouns.


Overrides the displayed headword, if necessary. See {{head}}.
1=, g2=, g3= ...
The gender(s). Use c for common gender (de, g), n for neuter gender (it, û). Use p for nouns that are always plural. If you don't know, use ? or leave it empty.
2=, pl2=, pl3= ...
The plural form(s) (Frisian: meartal). If the noun has no plural, use -. If you don't know the plural, leave it empty.
3=, dim2=, dim3= ...
The diminutive form(s) (Frisian: ferlytsingswurd). If the noun has no diminutive, use -. If you don't know the diminutive, leave it empty.


All three parameters:


Use "-" to indicate that there is no plural:


Use "pl2" for multiple plural forms:


Use the second parameter to specify a different diminutive:


Use "-" to indicate that there is no diminutive: