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This template is deprecated in favor of {{Q}}.


This template allows for easier and more consistent formatting of Ancient Greek quotations. It takes the following parameters:

  • {{{1}}}: The name of the author
  • {{{2}}}: The title of the work
  • {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}, {{{5}}}, {{{6}}}, {{{7}}}: The reference of the text within the work, with chapters, verses, subverses, etc. each added in a separate parameter, using as many (or as few) as are needed
  • {{{thru}}}: Used to specify a range, so if the passage is 1:120-122, use (3=1|4=120|thru=122)
  • {{{quote}}}: The actual text
  • {{{year}}}: The year or more generally the time period of the work
  • {{{trans}}}: An English translation of the text
  • {{{transyear}}}: The year of the translation
  • {{{transauthor}}}: The author of the translation