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FireIcon.svg This Undetermined term is a hot word. Its inclusion on Wiktionary is provisional.

This template is added to entries for hot words. These are terms that were recently coined but have become widely used in that short time. They fail the Criteria For Inclusion only on the "spanning more than a year" requirement, but are otherwise includable.

There are two templates which are used differently:

  • {{hot word}} is used to tag whole entries. It should be placed at the top of the entry, much like {{rfv}} or {{wikipedia}}.
  • {{hot sense}} is used to tag single senses. It should be placed before the sense and any context labels, right after the #, much like {{rfv-sense}} or {{gloss-stub}}.


The date of first attestation of this term; mandatory. If you don't know, use the date that the entry was first created. The date format can be anything that the {{#time:}} parser function understands, but the format YYYY-MM-DD is preferred.
The language code of the entry the template is placed in.


The template compares the given date with the current date. If the given date is less than a year ago, the entry is placed in Category:Hot words newer than a year, while if it's at least a year ago, it goes in Category:Hot words older than a year.

Entries in the latter category should be submitted to RFV, so it should preferably be empty. Editors should check that category regularly to see whether any hot words have expired.