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Inflection (plural in -ok, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative hu-decl-ok {{{1}}}ok
accusative {{{1}}}t {{{1}}}okat
dative {{{1}}}nak {{{1}}}oknak
instrumental {{{1}}}val {{{1}}}okkal
causal-final {{{1}}}ért {{{1}}}okért
translative {{{1}}}vá {{{1}}}okká
terminative {{{1}}}ig {{{1}}}okig
essive-formal {{{1}}}ként {{{1}}}okként
inessive {{{1}}}ban {{{1}}}okban
superessive {{{1}}}on {{{1}}}okon
adessive {{{1}}}nál {{{1}}}oknál
illative {{{1}}}ba {{{1}}}okba
sublative {{{1}}}ra {{{1}}}okra
allative {{{1}}}hoz {{{1}}}okhoz
elative {{{1}}}ból {{{1}}}okból
delative {{{1}}}ról {{{1}}}okról
ablative {{{1}}}tól {{{1}}}októl

Ambox warning pn.svg This template is going to be deleted.
Template:hu-decl-ok is deprecated or has failed Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others.

It has been replaced by Template:hu-infl-nom.

Please do not use this template, and remove it from pages that use it.