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Hyphenation: {{{1}}}


This template helps you to give the hyphenation of a word. Mark each possible hyphenation location with a vertical bar (a.k.a. a “pipe”: « | »), and it will be displayed with a hyphenation point (U+2027 ‹ ‧ ›). Use as many syllables as desired.

E.g. on measure:

* {{hyphenation|mea|sure|lang=en}}


  • Hyphenation: mea‧sure

For cases where there are more than one possible hyphenation this template can be used with the caption= parameter to give more detailed usage, or the nocaption=1 parameter to turn off the caption altogether. For example:

  • {{hyphenation|knowl|edge|caption=Hyphenation US|lang=en}}, {{hyphenation|caption=UK|know|ledge|lang=en}}
  • Hyphenation US: knowl‧edge, UK: know‧ledge

Hyphenation information should be placed in the Pronunciation section of an entry.