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vertical bar ‎(plural vertical bars)

  1. (computing) The ASCII character at the decimal position of 124, depicted as | or ¦;
  2. (mathematics) represents an absolute value (e.g.  |x|)
  3. (mathematics) norms (e.g. ||(x_1,x_2)||)
    • 2002, S. Long et al., A Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method for Solving the Bending Problem of a Thin Plate, Tech Science Press
      For the purpose of error estimation and convergence studies, the deflection and energy norm, ||w|| and ||e||, are calculated [...]
  4. (mathematics) set definitions (e.g. \{x|x<2\})
    • 2006, K. Chung et al., Bifurcation analysis of a two-degree-of-freedom aeroelastic system with freeplay structural nonlinearity by a perturbation-incremental method, Journal of Sound and Vibration.
      According to the three linear branches of the bilinear function for a freeplay model, the phase space X \in R^8 can be divided into three regions, R_i (i = 1,2,3 ), where each corresponds to a linear system:
      X' = AX + F_1 in R_1 = \{X \in R^8|x_1 < \alpha_f \}
  5. (mathematics) conditional probability (e.g. P(X|Y))
  6. (mathematics) divisibility (e.g. a | b)
  7. (computing) a symbol which, in Unix, is used as a pipe
  8. (computing) a symbol which, in regular expressions, indicates an alternation

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