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As for Tonal Class,

This template is used to display the examples for tonal class(es) which some researches have presented as inline text. The sources are as follows:


The following parameters are available:

Parameter Function
1 The tonal class given by Armstrong (1940). 1: moondo class, 2: mote class, 3: ŋgoko class, 4: mbori class, 5: njata class, 6: ɲamo class, 7: ðiimbo class
2 The tonal class given by Benson (1964). Give (class number)-(number of the syllable(s) in the stem of the term). If it is unknown how many syllables a term consists of, just give the Benson's indication.
3 The accent pattern given by Yukawa (1981). LI: 低I型, LII: 低II型, H: 高型, latent-H: 潜在的高型, rising: 昇型, latent-rising: 潜在的昇型, HHI: 高高I型, latent-HHII: 潜在的高高II型, HLI: 高低I型, HLII: 高低II型, changing: 移動型, 2: 二峰型