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lb-noun ? (plural lb-nounen)

This template is used to format the lemma form of Luxembourgish nouns. For plurals, please use {{plural of}}.


  • |1=: the gender. The template will accept m, f, n, and ?. For a plurale tantum, set this to p.
    • |g2=, |g3=, ...: further genders, if applicable.
  • |2=: the plural. Default {{PAGENAME}}en
    • When |2=-, the noun is shown as uncountable, with no plural displayed
    • |pl2=, |pl3=, ...: further plurals.
  • |dim=, |dim2=, ...: diminutive(s).
  • |m=, |m2=, ...: masculine form(s) of a feminine noun.
  • |f=, |f2=, ...: feminine form(s) of a masculine noun.
  • |head=: the head word in bold, for example to link to individual words. Default: {{PAGENAME}}




Hond m (plural Hënn)