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This template provides the inflection of Macedonian masculine nouns that end in a consonant, with a plural in .


The singular form, which is identical to the page name, such that this parameter should be left blank.
The plural stem without the final -и, e.g. "парков" for парк, "знац" for знак, and "светц" for светец. If the plural does not affect the stem, as in the case of коњ, this parameter should be left blank.
The vocative form. By default, a vocative in -у is generated, but one can use this parameter to supply a vocative in -е, e.g. "пријателе" for пријател. One needs to write out the full vocative form rather than just its stem. If one wishes to add a vocative in -е in addition to the one in -у rather than instead of it, one uses voc_sg2, as in the entry for зет.
The collective stem, e.g "лисј" for "лисје". If left empty, the pagename is used by default. If one wishes to add a second collective form then one uses col_sg2=, as in the entry for прат.
The number of the noun. Leave this empty for normal countable nouns. For singular-only nouns, use n=sg, and for plural-only nouns, use n=pl.
Used to display collective forms. To only display a singular collective form, only use col=1. To display a plural collective form as well, also add colpl=1. To manually add the plural collective form use col_pl=. To display a second plural collective form use col_pl2=.
For dialectal or poetic plural endings in -ој and -еј. To generate such forms, write els=1 inside the template and provide the plural stem minus the -ј in the second parameter, e.g. "зборо" to generate "зборој".