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Romanization: MLCTS: {{{mlc}}} • ALA-LC: {{{ala}}} • BGN/PCGN: {{{bgn}}} • Okell: {{{okell}}}


This template is used to create manual transliterations of Burmese words in cases where {{my-IPA}} cannot generate transliterations automatically. Place the following immediately after the pronunciation:

* {{my-roman|mlc= |ala= |bgn= |okell=}}

See Appendix:Burmese transliteration for how to romanize Burmese in each of the four systems shown by this template:

  • mlc= the Myanma Language Commission Transliteration System
  • ala= the American Library Association—Library of Congress transliteration
  • bgn= the Board on Geographic Names/Permanent Committee on Geographical Names transcription
  • okell= the transcription used in A Reference Grammar of Colloquial Burmese by John Okell