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Noun-specific instructions[edit]

You have selected the "Noun" preload template to help you create a new entry. This text below is what you will modify to create this Wiktionary entry.

  1. Please simply replace {{substub}} below with the definition of your noun. Remember that in English, a noun is a person, a place or a thing. If you meant to enter an adjective (something that describes properties of a noun) or a verb (an action word; something you do), then you can start over here to pick a new starting template.
    • Note: remember to leave the "#" at the start of the line. Please enter your definition as a full sentence, starting with a capital letter, ending with a period.
  2. Next, please replace the Add verifiable references... with your verifiable source. (For example, if from Webster's 1913, use simply {{R:1913}}.) If you don't have a source, please remove those two lines, starting with ===References===.
  3. If enabled, please [Check spelling], then [Preview entry] then [Save entry]. You can preview as many times as you like, before saving. If you don't have a check spelling button, you can turn it, and many other features, on here.

This introduction is displayed when someone enters a new word, clicks [Go], then clicks [Noun] on the "New entry page".

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