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Inflected form of woord

This template displays a definition for various Dutch adjective forms. It does not add categories to the entry, so you need to add a category through the appropriate headword-line template, such as {{nl-adj-form}}, {{nl-adj-comp}} or {{nl-adj-sup}}.


The particular form of the adjective form. Can be one of:
  • infl - Inflected form (grote, grotere, grootste).
  • part - Partitive form (groots, groters).
  • pred - Predicative form; this is normally the uninflected lemma form of the adjective, so this is not generally needed. However, see anders.
  • comp - Comparative, in the uninflected form (groter).
  • sup - Superlative, in the uninflected form (grootst).
The uninflected base form that this is a form of. If the word is a form of a comparative or superlative, then this should be the base comparative or superlative form, not the form of the positive degree.
comp-of=, sup-of=
These are used when the current entry is a form of a comparative or superlative. They are used to indicate the positive degree, which is then also displayed in the entry.


Basic examples[edit]

On the page grote:

{{nl-adj form of|infl|groot}}

Inflected form of groot

On the page groots:

{{nl-adj form of|part|groot}}

Partitive form of groot

On the page groter:

{{nl-adj form of|comp|groot}}

Comparative form of groot

On the page grootst:

{{nl-adj form of|sup|groot}}

Superlative form of groot

Inflected comparatives and superlatives[edit]

On the page grotere:

{{nl-adj form of|infl|groter|comp-of=groot}}

Inflected form of groter, the comparative of groot

On the page groters:

{{nl-adj form of|part|groter|comp-of=groot}}

Partitive form of groter, the comparative of groot

On the page grootste:

{{nl-adj form of|infl|grootst|sup-of=groot}}

Inflected form of grootst, the superlative of groot