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IPA(key): /pʂɨ.kwaˈdɔ.vɛ ˈpɔl.skʲɛ ˈswɔ.va/

This template automatically generates pronunciation for Polish words using Module:pl-IPA.

It operates on the words in numbered or positional parameters, or else the page name. The word is enclosed in slashes if the page name is used, else if the words do not have either slashes or brackets enclosing them, slashes are used.


  • For words with exceptional stress on the third-from-last syllable (like Latinate names of disciplines, e.g. matematyka), the template will produce a pronunciation with improper (colloquial) stress. This can be corrected by adding an apostrophe in the place where the stress mark is expected.
  • For non-assimilated (not phonetically spelled) loanwords it will produce a pronunciation as if they were spelled phonetically, e.g. jury will be [ˈju.rɨ] instead of [ʐɨˈrʲi]. In such cases, the pronunciation should be completely overwritten with the phonetic spelling: i.e. ży'ri.
  • The generated syllable breaks may be unnatural or even wrong.


This template can be either substituted or transcluded. For example:


gives: IPA(key): /pʂɨ.kwaˈdɔ.vɛ ˈpɔl.skʲɛ ˈswɔ.va/. The first positional parameter is optional and defaults to {{PAGENAME}} (the transcluding page name).

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