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Shortcut for Template:pl-conj-ap for a frequent conjugation class of perfective verbs. Displays infinitive, present tense, past tense, future tense, conditional, imperative, active adjectival participle, passive adjectival participle (if applicable and requested), anterior adverbial participle, impersonal past and verbal noun. If any of these forms does not exist or is in some way irregular then this template cannot be used.


There are two mandatory parameters and up to two optional ones: {{pl-conj-ap-IX|1|2|pp (optional)|imp=(optional)}}

  1. |1=: Everything up to the final vowel in the stem, e.g. for zbić, this would be zb.
  2. |2=: The final vowel in the stem. For example, for zbić this would be i.
  3. |3=pp: If parameter 3 is set to pp the past participles will be displayed (optional).
  4. |imp=: Used to specify an irregular 2nd-person singular imperative form (optional).