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Declension template for most Polish neuter nouns with nominative singular form ending in -o, -e, -ę, -mię, -um.

If stem and ending are omitted, automatically uses the correct declension pattern based on the ending of the |lemma= parameter, or the page title if |lemma= is blank.



All parameters are optional.

  • the first parameter is for the word stem
  • the second parameter is for the last consonant or consonant cluster of the word
    • Accepted endings: b bn c ch ctw d f g gn j k kn l ł m mn n nd p r rz rzm s sł sm sn st stw t tt w wn z zd zł zm zn zz
  • the third parameter is for the genitive plural form


Note that all of the examples below also give correct declension tables when only |lemma= or page title is specified.

  • piwo: {{pl-decl-noun-n|pi|w}}
  • łóżko: {{pl-decl-noun-n|łóż|k|łóżek}}
  • okno: {{pl-decl-noun-n|ok|n|okien}}
  • liceum: {{pl-decl-noun-n|lemma=liceum}}
  • kocię: {{pl-decl-noun-n|lemma=kocię}}
  • plemię: {{pl-decl-noun-n|lemma=plemię}}
  • życie: {{pl-decl-noun-n|genp=żyć|lemma=życie}}