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ru-adj ‎(ru-adj)

This template is used for the headword line of Russian adjectives.


1= and head2=, head3= ...
The headword with accents. This is also used to link to individual words in a page title. Leave it blank to use the page name as default.
tr= and tr2=, tr3= ...
Override automatic transliteration of Cyrillic letters to Latin if needed according to Wiktionary:Russian transliteration.
2= and comp2=, comp3= ...
The comparative form with accents. Leave it blank if you don't know the comparative.
  • Use peri if the comparative is formed with бо́лее ‎(bóleje).
  • Use - if the adjective is not comparable.
3= and sup2=, sup3= ...
The superlative form with accents. If you provide the comparative, you must also provide this, it cannot be left blank.
  • Use peri if the superlative is formed with са́мый ‎(sámyj).


то́нкий ‎(tónkij) ‎(comparative (по)то́ньше)
ста́рший ‎(stáršij) ‎(comparative (по)ста́рше)
теку́чий ‎(tekúčij) ‎(comparative бо́лее теку́чий)
высо́кий ‎(vysókij) ‎(comparative (по)вы́ше)