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This template categorizes entries with missing taxonomic names, so that the missing names can be added (if not spelling mistakes). If it is used for a taxonomic name for which Wiktionary has an entry, it links to that entry and categorizes the entry into Category:Entries with redundant template: taxlink. Such templates are removed.

It requires a parameter to indicate what level the taxon is, e.g., family, tribe, genus, species, or epithet – including for binomial names.

Correct italicization will be applied automatically using Module:italics for the ranks of genus, subgenus, species, subspecies, section, subsection, variety, and form. Thus, for instance, {{taxlink|Fragaria vesca subsp. vesca f. semperflorens|form}} yields Fragaria vesca subsp. vesca f. semperflorens.

If the entry appears in the category Category:Entries with redundant template: taxlink, there is a linked Wiktionary entry which should be checked. If the linked entry contains a Translingual section containing the appropriate definition, the template for the offending taxonomic name should be replaced with {{taxfmt}}. (The offender would become apparent when one previews the entry.) If there is an entry that is not Translingual (e.g., only a proper name entry or a German noun entry) or does not contain the appropriate definition (e.g., with a plant genus name, but not a needed animal genus name), the optional parameter |nomul=1 should be added so that the missing definition would be noted.


Numbered parameters
The taxon.
The level (rank) of the taxon: family, tribe, genus, subgenus, section, subsection, species, subspecies, variety, form, forma; clade, informal group, and nothospecies should be specified, including for binomial names.
An optional parameter for an alternative display name, the default being parameter 1 with the correct italicization (for genera and sub-generic taxa). But see |i= below.
Named parameters
Indicates a date (YYMMDD) on which the spelling of the taxon in the entry was verified. This is not guaranteed to mean that the taxon name is widely accepted, valid, etc. The date is intended to trigger a review of the names from time to time and is neither required nor expected to be deployed by the everyday user.
Indicates that, although there may be an entry in Wiktionary, it is not for the taxon in the current entry. Typically, the entry is for a Latin proper noun or a German noun. It may also be that there is a taxonomic name entry. but not for the specific taxon. For example, there is a genus and a higher order taxon with the same name or an animal (ICZN) genus and a plant, fungus, or alga (ICBN) genus that are the same.
Indicates that the term should appear entirely in italics, no matter what the built-in logic of italicization says. This is principally relevant for virus and prokaryote taxa, which are all supposed to appear in italics, no matter the 'rank'.
Causes the template to link to Wikipedia instead of Wikispecies. The text displayed and the categories are unchanged. This parameter is ignored except when the template would have otherwise linked to Wikispecies
  • If |wplink=0, the template will link to Wikipedia (using the contents of the first parameter) instead of Wikispecies.
  • If |wplink=1, the template will link to Wikipedia (using the name of the entry).
  • For any other non-empty value, the template will link to Wikipedia (using the contents of the parameter).
{{taxlink|Genus species|wplink=0|species}} at any entry will link to the Wikipedia entry for "Genus species'", while displaying "Genus species".
{{taxlink|Genus species|wplink=1|species}} at the entry "foo" will link to the Wikipedia entry for "Foo", while displaying "Genus species".
{{taxlink|Genus species|wplink=foo bar|species}} at any entry will link to the Wikipedia entry for "Foo bar", while displaying "Genus species".
{{taxlink|Felis domestica|wplink=cat|species}} will behave exactly the same as {{tl|taxlink|Felis domestica|species}}, since there is a Wiktionary entry for Felis domestica
  • Causes the template to use the value of the parameter instead of the value of the first parameter to link to Wikispecies. Like the wplink parameter, this parameter is ignored if the template would have linked to anything other than Wikispecies- including if the wplink parameter is present.
{{taxlink|Genus species|wslink=Genus|species}} will link to the Wikispecies page for "Genus", while displaying "Genus species".
{{taxlink|Felis domestica|wslink=cat|species}} will behave exactly the same as {{taxlink|Felis domestica|species}}
{{taxlink|Genus species|wplink=foo bar|wslink=Genus|species}} will behave exactly the same as {{taxlink|Genus species|wplink=foo bar|species}}