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This template categorizes entries with missing taxonomic names, so that the missing names can be added (if not spelling mistakes). If it is used for a taxonomic name for which Wiktionary has an entry, it links to that entry and categorizes the entry into Category:Entries with redundant template: taxlink. Such templates are removed.

It requires a parameter to indicate what level the taxon is, eg, family, tribe, genus, species, epithet.

The optional parameter "nomul=1" should be used if the page linked to already exists, but it doesn't have a Translingual section or lacks the wanted definition. For example, a plant genus name may be present, but not a needed animal genus name.

To be implemented[edit]

Please use these where warranted in anticipation of the implementation.

The optional parameter "nospe=1" should be used if there is no current link at Wikispecies. It deactivates linking. If this is used there there should be another link to Wikispecies, as under an External links header to a higher taxon that included the taxon of the headword.

The optional parameter "obs=1" should be used to indicate that there is positive indication that the taxon is obsolete. This typically arises in the etymology of a higher taxon which is derived by suffixation to such an obsolete genus name. This will also automatically deactivate linking to Wikispecies.

Experiment (inactive)[edit]

Experimentally, this template categorizes each templated item itself in a category which includes the name of the missing item. This permits the use of Special:WantedCategories to count all the entries that have templated use of the name to help speed the creation of entries for the most missed names. For now it is restricted to genus names. In the near future, it will be switched to family names, then species names, cycling through those until only single-page wants remain. With the creation of these additional entries it will probably be useful to cycle through more than once, before adding other levels of taxonomic names, such as orders, tribes, subfamilies etc.