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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:ug-noun. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

This is a example for the word ماشىنا



# [[car]], [[automobile]]


This template is designed for the lemma of all Uyghur nouns. Only use this template for the noun's lemma entry (usually the singular). For non-lemma forms, or additional style information, see Wiktionary:About Uyghur.

This template should be placed in all Uyghur noun sections, immediately following the ===Noun=== section header. It provides the inflection line for the entry. The template also automatically categorizes the entry in Category:Uyghur nouns and any appropriate Uyghur noun subcategories (e.g. Category:Uyghur uncountable nouns).

As with other Wiktionary inflection templates, please do not use subst:.


All of these are optional parameters, that should be used only if required..

Parameter Function Default value (if left unspecified)
head The head word, if different from the page name, or to link to individual words {{PAGENAME}}
1 The vowel.
When it is left empty, the module will attempt to generate a vowel based on the page title.
No default, only used when specified. Only available when last vowel change
pl The plural form:
When it is specified as -, the noun is given as uncountable
When it is left empty, the module will attempt to generate a plural based on the page title.
Based on the page title
change Change vowel:
yes, last vowel change by parameter 1
no, there is no change of last vowel.
yes, only used when don't need any change of vowel.

How does it work?[edit]

For the article قوي(qoy) , (or most of nouns) use
قوي (qoy) (plural قويلار(qoylar))
For the article ئائىلە(a'ile) (change last vowel, it can be generate a vowel based on the page title), use
{{ug-noun|ى}} or {{ug-noun}}
ئائىلە (a'ile) (plural ئائىلىلەر(a'ililer))
For the article بالا(bala) (has two meanings), use
for بالا(bala, child) : {{ug-noun|ى}} or {{ug-noun}}
بالا (bala) (plural بالىلار(balilar))
for بالا(bala, calamity, catastrophe) : {{ug-noun|change=no}}
بالا (bala) (plural بالالار(balalar))
For the article بىلىم(bilim) (if plural can't be generate automatically; now most of plural nouns can generate based on the page title), use
{{ug-noun|pl=بىلىملەر}} or {{ug-noun}}
بىلىم (bilim) (plural بىلىملەر(bilimler))