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Here's a short description of noun cases used in the template:

Case English prep. Sample Translation
nominative talo house
genitive of talon of (a) house
partitive taloa house (as an object)
Locative (internal)
inessive in talossa in (a) house
elative from talosta from (a) house
illative into taloon into (a) house
Locative (external)
adessive at, on talolla at (a) house
ablative from talolta from (a) house
allative to talolle to (a) house
essive as talona as (a) house
translative to (role of) taloksi to (a) house
instructive with (the aid of) taloin with the houses
abessive without talotta without (a) house
comitative together (with) taloineni with my house(s)