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This template is designed for the all Turkish adjectives.


This template should be placed in all Turkish adjective sections (positive form only), immediately following the ===Adjective=== section header. It provides the inflection line for the entry. The template also automatically categorizes the entry in Category:Turkish adjectives.

As with other Wiktionary inflection templates, please do not use subst:.


The template requires no parameters.

E.g., on küçük:

# [[small]]

The above code displays as follows:


küçük (comparative daha küçük, superlative en küçük)
  1. small
I object, as a "head" parametre would be useful, like in the English version of this template, which I confess is too complicated to understand in the time I have. Is it possible for you to add this part from the Template:en-adj? Sae1962 (talk) 06:19, 22 June 2012 (UTC)